I read, I write, I try to make a difference.

I write articles in several areas.

Applying Philosophy to Life

What some productivity “Experts” haven’t awakened to

Moving the center of epistemology to the active mind

Correcting some revisionist history about the medieval era

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Talking sensibly about generations

How do we understand why people would commit such atrocities?

Defining Justice

Plato’s longest and most detailed dialogue was The Republic. One of Plato’s central topics in the book is the question of what Justice is. For him, justice is both an ethical issue and a political issue. Justice concerns how individuals should interact with each other and how society should be structured and ruled. In exploring the question about defining justice, Plato uses his usual literary device of Socrates discussing the question with alleged authorities. They give Socrates examples and definitions of justice; each one in turn Socrates shows to be inadequate.

Philosophy of Science

Is scientific and philosophical knowledge possible? Yes and no, is what Hume’s philosophy tells us.

David Hume

My personal very nonmedical advice on dealing with this real fear.

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Douglas Giles, PhD

Philosophy professor reaching beyond the ivory tower and digging deeper. elmhurst.academia.edu/DouglasGiles, @DGilesPhd, InsertPhilosophyHere.com.

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