I read, I write, I try to make a difference.


Well, a small part of it, anyway

(Public domain photo, obviously)

Both proponents and opponents of capitalism conflate it with free enterprise, hampering discussion and reform

Will, Duty, and the Categorical Imperative

Opening the Door to Subjectivity

(Source: Piqsels, public domain)

Removing the masks, we can see the individual people who the labels obscure.

(Creative Commons license via Pixabay and Lumen5)

What some productivity “Experts” haven’t awakened to

Moving the center of epistemology to the active mind

Correcting some revisionist history about the medieval era

(Source: Author)

Douglas Giles, PhD

Philosophy professor reaching beyond the ivory tower and digging deeper. elmhurst.academia.edu/DouglasGiles, @DGilesPhd, InsertPhilosophyHere.com.

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