Is there a better way to think about the generations?

Does it make sense to talk about people in terms of generations? I think so, if we avoid simplistic characterizations like “Gen X” and “millennials.” For concepts to be useful, they need to define tangible phenomena. Let’s insert some philosophy into how we talk about generations and uncover a way to define them in a useful way. This will lead to a more useful description of how the various generations of people experience and perceive their worlds.

Deflating the Baby Boom Generation

Probably not who you’d guess.


Accidents of History

Believe it or not, Plotinus (204–270 CE) is that single most influential philosopher in European history. Yes, even over Plato and Aristotle. That’s because Plotinus was very widely read by scholars starting in the 200s CE, and for more than a thousand years Plotinus was the chief means…

The Disclosure Narrative

If the truth is out there, then it lies somewhere between the extremes of skepticism and believe-anythingism.

Without pretending to know what UFOs are, my aim as a philosopher is to clear away the underbrush and obstacles of the assumptions and agendas that hamper reasonable discussion of the UFO phenomenon. A clear view of the UAP/UFO reality is obscured by people’s assumptions and vested interests.

Maybe the Phenomena are Real and the Assumptions are False

Skepticism is a claim to know more than others…

If your mind is empty,
it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything.
In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities;
in the expert’s mind there are few.

The concept of “empty mind” is a core tenant of Zen Buddhism. Don’t misunderstand what is meant by “empty mind.” It is not a mind devoid of intelligence or even empty of thoughts. An empty mind is a clear mind, as this quote shows.

Zen is a combination of Buddhism and Daoism. There is a Daoist saying that illustrates what this quote means:

A full cup cannot take in…

My parents taught me that everything in life is a struggle. An odd song from the 1990s is teaching me to overcome it.

Frell yeah — BaBa ZuLa

I was very excited to hear that filmmaker Adriana Cordeiro is working on a documentary on the band BaBa ZuLa. She has a Kickstarter page to finish the documentary and I made a pledge to help out and hope other will too. BaBa ZuLa is one of the most popular artists on my Internet radio station and it is a band the world deserves to hear and see more about.

For most Westerners, especially English-speaking people, Turkey is a mysterious land. Few realize how dynamic and varied the Turkish music scene has been for…

Are you familiar with the work of philosopher Lewis Gordon? Similar to your idea of misnoir is his idea of antiblack racism. In his phenomenology of racism, Gordon observes that racism requires the rejection of other people’s humanity, which is a denial of reality. Because communication is possible between the racist and the people at whom racist hatred is directed, the social reality that those people are indeed human will appear. In antiblack racism, the existence of the black person is a problem. The racist must therefore avoid and deny the social reality of the black person’s existence. In particular…

It begins with listening and then talking about causes and solutions.

Another cop kills another unarmed black person. Another tragic incident in the United States’ long history of racial violence.

Some people aren’t interested in talking about racism. Others are willing to try to address this problem, but not sure how. Plus, too often, as in all topics these days, the conversation is drowned out by competing memes and hashtags. Whether or not everyone is willing to talk about racism and whether or not everyone has sufficient expertise on racism, as a society, as humanity, we need to talk about it in order to overcome it and end it. …

That things change was a problem for Greek philosophers. Aristotle had a theory for how we can understand change.

How Objects Change

Plato — the Man, the Legend

Morality and the Person

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