Excellent for its content and also for having the courage to make these statements. Like you say, we want to hide in the comfort of the myth that Hitler was a madman and thus an aberration.

You mention that string undercurrents of obedience, duty, and conformity ran in German culture. It's always dangerous to make blanket statements about a society, but your statement has some merit. You reference Jung and the German collective unconscious, a valuable psychological perspective. As a philosopher, I'm familiar with Hegel's idea of the German Zeitgeist and a recommend reading about his similar notions of the need for obedience, duty, and conformity that greatly influecned a mindset that led to Hitler.

I wrote a similar, much shorter, piece based on Stanley Cavell's observation that we need to understand that Nazis weren't monsters: https://medium.com/p/understand-that-nazis-were-not-monsters-ea7e3f36f2ea

Philosophy professor reaching out beyond the ivory tower. elmhurst.academia.edu/DouglasGiles. I also run WorldFusionRadio.com and InsertPhilosophyHere.com.

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