Great Articles the Gatekeepers Snubbed, Part 3

Douglas Giles, PhD
2 min readFeb 8, 2024
(Source: Piqsels)

Those writers who spend the time to craft researched and informative articles are being shortchanged in distribution and Boosts because the Curation gatekeepers continue to prefer clickbaity fluff stories.

I nominate stories for a Boost and only nominate high-quality articles by great writers. But, the Curators look for potential popularity over actual quality. That means articles that should be promoted because they are high-quality articles get thrown into the virtual wastebasket.

Getting Boosted matters because if an article is non-Boosted that means it receives about 5 cents per read while Boosting means it receives 15 to 20 cents per read. That’s an enormous difference especially when the Boost distributes the article to many times more potential readers.

I posted two earlier collections of snubbed articles.

Here are more great stories nominated for a Boost that got snubbed by the Curators because they are too cerebral. I welcome input from other Nominators and I am happy to post links to articles that they nominated but get snubbed.

A philosophical review of a famous movie by Gael MacLean.

A essay on wisdom by Rishad Ahmed.



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