It’s Okay To Not Like Christmas

How About a Holiday Season of Mutual Freedom?

My hope is to carve out a social place for those people who are just fine with others going gaga over Christmas but want to be left out of it. There is a lot of space between Mr. Claus and Mr. Scrooge and there is room for everyone. If you are anti-Christmas because you are anti-Christian, then you have deeper issues you need to look at. Everyone has a right to celebrate their religion. It is common human decency to respect others’ choices as long as they are not harming others. For example, if you want to string Christmas lights on your house, that’s cool, but if you string up so many Christmas lights you turn the block into the Las Vegas strip, that’s not cool. No one should force anyone to not celebrate Christmas and no one should force anyone to have to celebrate Christmas. These are just good manners.

De-mythologizing the Two Christmases

First, Christmas 1 — the religious one

Respecting the Non-Joiners

We should respect the wishes of anyone who chooses not to join in Christmas. It is a myth that Christmas is a singular, exceptional event for which we must rearrange our lives and empty our bank accounts. Seeing through that myth may be a path toward actually enjoying Christmas. Recognizing that you have the free will choice to accept or reject anything and everything to do with Christmas is a gateway to freedom. Recognizing that you can show love, give gifts, be charitable and merry, and so on any time of the year and don’t have to be different around Christmas is liberating.

Philosophy professor reaching out beyond the ivory tower. I also run and

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